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The air will cause the pump to lose prime and stop moving water.

Pump lid - sometimes the pump lid can get brittle and crack. If you have an air leak in your system that allows air to get sucked into the lines, it makes it nearly impossible for your system to operate. The pump sucks water in the front of the pump and pushes it out the top of the pump. Typically there will be a surge of air into the system, and then the pump will lose prime, and then the pump will slowly regain prime. Pump lid o-ring - the pump lid should be tightened enough so that it seals properly, and should have a clean and pliant o-ring. An air leak is caused by a problem on the intake side of the pump. Stuck skimmer weir - the weir is that small "flapper" on the skimmer opening.

Pool in Love sucking

My Pump is Sucking in Air What to suking when your pump produces no water movement or pressure. Air leaks can be tricky to track down. If you have an air leak on your pool, give PoolStop a call. Over time, these o-rings get hardened and brittle and no longer seal properly.

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If you suspect that this is a problem, turn the pump off and look to see if there are any spurts of water that appear right after turning the water off. It is a good idea to check the operation of the skimmer weir ever time you empty the skimmer baskets. You have to inspect this closely because a pump lid can suck a lot of air through a hairline crack. If this is not possible, the valves will need to be replaced. If the pump will not prime, take the lid off and inspect the o-ring. Once the pump is fully primed, it will once again suck a bunch of air into the system and lose prime, and so on.

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