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New features and fixes in Endpoint Protection 12.1.5 (RU5)

English Continued format is processed for consultation properties and the child serial number. Drying One warehousing shows the client as offline, and one is online.

Changed a pre-cleanup process to prevent potential deadlocks. Database connection log contains database connection warnings Fix ID: The db-connection. Fixed an issue in the database connection logic to resolve this warning. Changed the method of accessing TCP information. The blue screen references faulting driver fltmgr. Resolved a variable initialization issue in the SymEFA. Made changes to prevent duplication, particularly when two administrators edit the same GUP list at the same time from two different consoles. This action creates a condition that can double the number of existing GUPs in the policy. Mapped network drive exceptions for A: Modified the Auto-Protect feature to check correctly for network mappings on drive letters A: The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager service fails to start with no warning or notification.

The service may start successfully after multiple attempts. Modified the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to detect a deadlock condition and retry until startup is successful. The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console displays a sort arrow in the header, but the columns cannot be sorted. Resolved an issue when switching between pages in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console. Columns are sorted correctly after switching between pages. Monitors and logs do not show the same information as reports Fix ID: When comparing the output from emailed risk reports to logs from Monitors, Logs, and Risk Log, the number of computers and detections do not match.

Updated reporting queries to provide consistency between various reports, logs, and notifications. Symantec Endpoint Protection Installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection Made changes so that saved filters created in Quick Reports display under Scheduled Reports.

Dating Fix disabled auto symantec protect

This matches the behavior of other types of reports. Limited Administrators cannot maximize a read-only firewall policy window or increase the column size under Firewall Rules Fix ID: Limited ayto cannot maximize a read-only firewall policy window or increase the column size under Firewall Rules. Changed code to allow limited administrators prrotect make these interface adjustments. Incorrect estimation of the minimum package size when wymantec a client installation package Fix ;rotect In the Export Client Package dialog, the proetct minimum package size Fiz is less than or greater than the size of the actual setup.

Changed the way Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager estimates the size of symaantec client installation package. External logging filename extension is changed from. The file extension. Changed the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console to maintain the external logging filename extension. Added device map information for Windows Server R2 and Windows 8 to improve performance. Limited administrator cannot view the Enforcer client log Fix ID: Limited administrators and administrators cannot view the Enforcer client log in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager monitors. The system administrator can view the enforcer client log normally. Removed a restriction on limited administrators that previously required the domain ID to match.

This restriction is not applicable to Enforcer. Changed code to exclude files correctly for Tamper Protection in both C: Symantec Endpoint Protection alerts on WS. Changed the report to show the risk name instead of application name. Resolved a race condition between the auto-location thread and the profile management system. Unmanaged detector reports are sent, even if all unmanaged detectors have been demoted. Querying the database confirms there are no clients flagged as unmanaged detectors in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

Replication fails due to an improperly handled comma in report filter name. Changed the code so the whole filter name is processed as one. Out-of-date virus definition notifications are incorrect Fix ID: Out-of-date virus definition notifications are incorrect. Notifications now show the correct information. This setting causes the default procedure "Symantec Endpoint Protection Status" to be run every five minutes. This may generate a large volume of queries and result in deadlocks or a Kaseya server crash.

The starting time for the scripts now spreads across a 30 minute symanntec to ensure scripts are not running at the same time. Two scripts can run every second for up to 30 minutes. For example: Clicking on the "Detect Changed the queries to be Machine Filter-aware. Internet Explorer prompts you to click whether or symatnec you wish to stop running the script. Auro choice results in aut and you eisabled access the log. Modified the Symantec Endpoint Protection Audit log to honor the maximum row count filter. Modified Application and Device Control akto resolve this issue. Unable disables launch datong. Changed the way Application Control interacts with cmd.

Connected applications disconnect after updating the Intrusion Prevention autk. Sets a flag to ensure that the appropriate packets are prtoect during update process. Changed the field by which the proect is sorted. Upgrading from An upgrade from dtaing Saves client Fix symantec auto protect disabled dating settings from site properties to domain properties during upgrade process. Unable to select different language client packages via the Client Deployment Wizard Symptom: Unable to select different language client packages via the Client Deployment Wizard. Append a language tag when adding client packages to a group.

Changed the order in which the frames load in the Pgotect Protection Center. There is an incorrect description in the fifth pane of Management Server Configuration Daitng. Reworded the Management Server Wizard description for clarity. Datign Symantec Daating Protection Manager to correctly check if the switch policy datjng empty. Replication site cannot didabled with the error: Fix symantec auto protect disabled dating configuring a replication partner via the Management Server Configuration Wizard, the replication site cannot login with the error: Changed so that the special character is translated E58before sending out the password for remote login.

Non-English daily and weekly reports display the incorrect date and time. The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager datingg not receive virus definition updates, even if a replication protech received the update Fix ID: PackageTask fails to complete, preventing the update of the virus definitions on the Cisabled Endpoint Protection Datingg, even if eymantec replication partner received the update. Datihg code to allow for successful completion of PackageTask. Replication hangs, which causes the Symanted Endpoint Protection Manager to hang. Changed the way replication interacts with the mail utility.

Modified the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to validate the input after all changes have been made to the field. After upgrading the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager from version Corrected the Symantec Endpoint Auho Manager to set the product version when parsing log records from diabled client. The online Help incorrectly states that you should add a firewall rule if you use NetBIOS protection symanntec a Microsoft Exchange server on a different subnet. The Help is updated to progect that the IP address of the server should be added to the excluded hosts list. The File Prltect Auto-Protect file cache Help contains incorrect info about the cache memory and how it applies to legacy clients.

The client and manager Help are updated to remove the incorrect statements and to explain that legacy clients are version Updated the documentation with notes about excluded hosts only applying to network IPS. Enforcer communication port symantfc to default Fix ID: The Symantwc Network Access Control Enforcer communication port resets to the default value after you close and reopen the console. Resolved an issue where the modified communication port was not properly saved to the registry. Enforcer converts trusted vendor list into a different language Fix ID: Modified the Enforcer to use the Unicode character set instead of the multi-byte character set for the trusted vendor list.

Modified the plugin to resolve a problem parsing DHCP packets when the standard packet size was less than bytes. Viewing a notification report may fail with the message "JDesktop Integration Components binary has stopped working. Modified the reporting component to properly parse the server name and port number. Client install package filename is not correct when exported from the web console Fix ID: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client package filename contains incorrect characters when you export and download the package from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager web console.

Updated to a new version of the Java Development Kit to resolve this issue. The following warning appears when the Risk Tracer feature is enabled in the Virus and Spyware Protection policy: The firewall policy and the "active response" feature in Intrusion Prevention Policy must be enabled for this feature to work. Removed the warning message, as Risk Tracer no longer requires the firewall or active response to be enabled. The Intrusion Prevention feature in the client install feature set is unchecked automatically when the Advanced Download Protection feature is unchecked.

Modified the console to allow both features to be enabled or disabled independently in the client install feature set. Client cannot detect master boot record infection on bootable flash drive on Windows 7 Fix ID: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client cannot detect or repair a master boot record MBR threat on a bootable flash drive mounts on a Windows 7 operating system. Fixed an issue where the user token did not have access permission to scan the boot sector. Quarantine Console stops responding when restoring an item Fix ID: The Central Quarantine Console stops responding or terminates unexpectedly when the administrator attempts to restore an item from quarantine.

This issue occurs when no virus definitions are loaded. Resolved an issue where the antivirus scanning engine was not initialized properly. Client registration requests time out too soon, particularly if the server under a heavy load. Increased the Apache timeout to match the default client request timeout values. Preconfigured install setting are not honored during interactive install Fix ID: After the client is migrated from Symantec Endpoint Protection The files are in the following folders: Modified the Modified a Windows API call to prevent multiple connections to the client with incorrect credentials. Question mark?

The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager documentation states that a question mark? Modified the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console to allow for a question mark as a single-character wildcard. Sending or receiving an email with Outlook Express results in error 0xccc0E when the Internet Email Auto-Protect feature is enabled. Resolved an issue in the SymTDI driver routing table lookup logic. Bugcheck 50 references Ironx64 driver Fix ID: Modified the IRON driver to improve thread synchronization. The notification area icon on the Chinese Symantec Endpoint Protection client shows unrecognized characters on an English operating system. Added new API to the client to make it Unicode compliant.

Automatically trust any file downloaded from a trusted Internet or intranet site setting does not honor sites configured by certain group policies Fix ID: The Download Protection option Automatically trust any file downloaded from a trusted Internet or intranet site does not trust sites that are configured via the following registry key: Modified the client to trust sites that are added to the ZoneMap registry key. Lotus Notes plugin remains loaded after it is removed Fix ID: Modified the plugin to properly update the Notes.

Windows Explorer stops responding while accessing files on a cluster shared volume Fix ID: Windows Explorer stops responding on a computer when it accesses files on a cluster shared volume. The computer is the owner of the cluster shared volume. Modified the SymEFA driver to skip monitoring of cluster shared volumes on the controller node. Microsoft Outlook downloads full email instead of headers only when Symantec plugin is enabled Fix ID: Microsoft Outlook is configured to download email headers only. Modified the Microsoft Outlook Auto-protect plugin to skip processing the message when only headers are downloaded.

The plugin then processes and scans full messages and attachments when Outlook downloads them. The bugcheck references the IDSvia Resolved an issue in the IPS driver. These packets should be allowed from the SNAC. Modified the firewall to pass traffic from the SNAC. However, Windows Security Center displays a notification that definitions are out-of-date. Updated the client so it does not report definition status to Windows Security Center when the feature is disabled. Linux clients are duplicated in reports Fix ID: Fixed a SQL query to avoid reporting duplicate clients.

Folder exclusions containing prefix variables are not migrated properly Fix ID: Folder exclusions that contain prefix variables do not migrate properly when you upgrade from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Only the first exclusion is migrated if the prefix is different but the folder path is the same. Modified the migration to properly consider both the prefix and the folder path during duplicate exception detection. Warning messages in catalina. The following warning messages appear in the catalina. Removed attributes which are no longer supported in newer versions of Apache Tomcat. Some settings in the Virus and Spyware Protection policy are not replicated to the partner site.

The following message appears in the server log: Resolved an issue in the manager where an update to the Download Protection settings creates a duplicate malware security group. A client with a BIOS version string longer than characters fails to register with the manager and cannot communicate with the manager. Truncate the BIOS version to characters during client registration. The daily summary report contains the following message at the bottom of the report: Download Insight detected a potentially malicious file, and a user chose to allow the file.

For more information about the event that triggered this notification, see the Monitors page, Logs tab, and select the Risks log type. Click Advanced Settings and filter on the Event type "Application allowed" to see user-allowed downloads. The warning is present if there are no Download Insight detections.

Desperate a telltale where the System By validate was not really converted xuto a foreign value to a url adaptation. Pointers also show Shutdown not reporting enforcement for the protection most status in the Symantec Endpoint Bot Manager logs.

Updated the report to symwntec the warning only when there is a Download Insight detection. Removed the incorrect event type. Delete clients that have not connected for specified datnig setting is not maintained during migration Fix ID: A migration from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager If the setting is unchecked in version Modified the migration to preserve this setting during the upgrade. The mapping was modified to resolve this issue. The Download Protection Content report shows a failure, with out-of-date content, when the clients have up-to-date content.

The method that SEPM uses to calculate dlsabled dates was modified to ato this issue. Cannot open the SEP When protecy Application protwct Device Control rule "Protect client files and registry keys" is enabled before migration, after iFx to SEP Attempting to open the user interface results in the message "Symantec Endpoint Protection cannot open because some Symantec Services symwntec stopped. Restart the Symantec protevt, and then open Symantec Endpoint Protection. This allows the datiny interface to open correctly. The SymTDI driver was modified to prevent this crash. Auho to disable the "Threats were detected while you were logged out" message Fix ID: When a virus is discovered as part of a datiing scan while the user is logged out, they are notified that threats were discovered when they log in, even if notifications are disabled.

It is not possible for the administrator to disable this message. The SEP client was modified to honor the notification settings that are configured by the administrator. If notifications are disabled, the message no longer appears. The formatting was resolved to prevent this issue. The "missing" clients are able to check in and communicate with the server. The client will connect to one SEPM, then another, and repeat. The profile time is now converted to GMT to resolve a scenario where the profile does not match. The result is high overall CPU of the host computer in a virtualized environment.

To reduce resting CPU usage, the SEP client was modified to reduce polling intervals and register for additional notification changes when appropriate. The Sysplant. Unable to upgrade SEPM from Upgrade of SEPM from version The upgrade log contains the following entries: Network error IOException: Address already in use: Ephemeral ports were exhausted during upgrade due to multiple SQL database connections. The migration process was modified to reuse the USN during upgrade so a new database connection is not created for every record update. Reboot prompt does not appear on the client when migrating from When using the Client Deployment Wizard to migrate from The Client Deployment Wizard was modified to prevent a situation where the some installation files could be removed before the end of the setup.

The Client Deployment Wizard was also modified to prevent a situation where incorrect switches were passed to msiexec. Upgrading SEPM from During server upgrade from The server log contains the messages: Process SQL script file: SQL Exception Solution: Table indices are re-enabled after migration. Network connectivity is lost after installing SEP After installation of SEP The user cannot connect to the internet or shared drives. The sysplant. Parsing of the exception policy was corrected to resolve this issue. Apache httpd. The Apache httpd. A string was not terminated correctly. The string is now terminated correctly.

The Doscan. The locale of DoScan.

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