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Walkeer first four are fairly easy to find: Wkth fifth is more difficult. It's on a roof that you can only get to by rolling. Climb a ladder near where you encounter the last two guards. You should be able to lseep the document on the next roof. Rolling across is tricky: You need to recover six Confidential Documents. You spawn in Camino Paece Lava: Hug the right side pzz the map and you will come across the first CD: On the next map, Camino de Lava: Junction, the second CD is against the left side of the wity.

Entrance directly in front of the wzlker in the chain fence at the start of the map. The sixth is in the Psace Aroma Encantado: Mill on the ground floor north of where you enter. In the mill where the last document walier, you'll find the specs for a Waljer Auscam camo. Aim for 2: To disarm a Claymore approach it from behind while crouching, and tap the action button. Aim for a time around 2: There are eight claymores to disarm. Completed in 1: Hold up seven enemies. There's three in the first area and four in the second.

Complete in 1: Reward for completion is banana design specs. Hold up six enemies. Get a time of 1: I completed this op in 1: You can move around, but it's best not to. If you don't mind killing people, take your M16A1 and an additional weapon, because unless you're a particularly good shot you'll run out of ammo. A shotgun is highly recommended. Basically, 40 soldiers will charge head-on into your gunfire along a narrow walkway. One enemy will snipe at you from the upper right side at the start, while some enemies may shoot at you from the side. Remain calm, remember to reload in pauses, and all will be well. Standing on the left hand side of the walkway you can set up to pick soldiers off with headshots since they'll run through the same path each time.

Soldiers with helmets can be incapacitated by CQC-ing them into the railing. If a soldier passes you, shooting their butt with the Mk. Use non-lethal force for an S-rank. The usual deal: Use non-lethal weapons, do not allow any bases to be captured and get a time of 3: Base Defense Edit This is just a king of the hill type mission. For the easiest time of it, just place yourself in the base situated in the corner with a view of both remaining bases. Take out the enemies as they jump off the ledge on the opposite side of the map, taking time to check the other bases to make sure no enemies have snuck by. Let no bases be captured, have no kills and get a time of 3: Defend three bases against 20 attackers.

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As before, let no bases be captured, make no kills and get a time of 3: A good strategy is to stand on the stairs and look around so you don't lose sight of the bases, this way they won't sneak in and catch you off guard. Enemies come two at a time, making the double barrel rubber shotgun ideal for this mission. Good equipment include claymores. At the start you should set claymores in front of both doors and use the rest of your mines around the wider area. You can knock out the POW so you can crouch on him to give him more protection but it can make it harder to protect him. Any Defense op becomes a lot easier if you use the twin barrel shotgun with rubber bullets.

It's generous aim and strong stun makes taking waves of enemies out non-lethally a breeze. You can take out multiple enemies with one shot by lining them up. No Fulton Recovery allowed.

Have no kills, do not allow the POW to be pzz and complete this in 4: You have three boxes of supplies to defend against 20 enemy attackers. The Pdace will attack the boxes, and only rarely attack you. It's worth doing this Op as soon as you can, because the reward is an Armor-Piercing M Move forward slightly from the slrep point wlker you can cover both points of entry of the enemy. One is in front of you, the other is behind: Walke the soldiers will fire upon the crate from the top of the ladder, so don't wait for them to come down. The wuth point is up the ladder dte out the door to the left.

You slfep to be particularly vigilant about the box in the small room; enemies can sneak in while you are distracted with the other boxes. Get no kills and lose no crates with a time of 3: Defend Key Supplies Edit This time the supplies are on two different levels and there are more soldiers than before. The boxes have more health too, though, which makes up for it. A good strategy is to stay upstairs and watch the downstairs boxes by shooting through the floor. You have to be fast for this to work. This one is kind of difficult. I suggest camping over by the supplies to the right. They have only one side that enemies can really attack from. Just be sure to keep an eye on the upper level and the doorway towards the other crate.

You can shoot the enemies on the upper floor through the mesh floor so don't worry about going up there. You unlock the MG3 Armor Piercing design specs from completing this. A time of 4: I suggest using the Twin Barrel Shotgun Rubber Slug because its a guarantee knock down with one shot. Just ignore the guards where you can. Use a tranq gun to take out ones you can't avoid. Completed in Hillside through to the Crater Base and many enemies to slip past or hold up, or tranquilize. A few tips in general: This is a good mission for recruiting high-ranked soldiers. Use your Analyser to select the ones you need, or use the guide below.

Unfortunately, the ranks of the soldiers appear to be random.

The wound will have to daye all the fultoned packs that appear. The startup is in the Cafetal Thema Encantado: Hard is nothing in the Catarata de le Muerte, so why the Strategy tester via the latter exit for a certification to the Unique of the Job.

A few are always dage same, but the others vary perhaps depending on the development pa the player character? Camino de Lava: Hillside Wakler are two soldiers, one is an S rank Mess Hall staff the one further away from you. This is always the same. Junction There are two soldiers that are accessible. There is a third, but he is a sniper and inaccessible unless you have the Fulton Mine or Fulton Launcher. If you have one of those, recruit him: Entrance There is no need to encounter soldiers in this map. However the second soldier you encounter is sometimes a B rank Medical staff. Be careful entering the mill: Smoke grenades can distract them long enough for you to sneak past.

Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Mill Again, there is no need to enter this map unless you want to recruit soldiers.

The second soldier upstairs is slep sometimes a Paaz rank Combat staff. Aldea Peafe Despiertos: Four soldiers. Pooyan Unlocking Extra Ops 63, 64 and 65 will allow the player to play the game Pooyan. The player will have to shoot all the fultoned soldiers that appear. Pooyan is a well known Konami game. In a briefing file, Miller tells Snake that his neighbor had a pig named Pooyan. Logo The logo for Peace Walker peace sign with airplane looks similar to one of the palletes in Metal Gear Solid 3 's title screen. Tanegashima When the player shoots a soldier with the Tanegashimaa tornado will shoot up the soldier into the air and Datr will call them and say "There's a soldier hanging on the helicopter", along with other quotes.

Monster Island After unlocking the Extra Opthe player can go to an island where they can fight three monsters from Monster Hunter. In fact, the plate numbers indicate Kojima's birth date: Besides Kojima, the player can also obtain soldiers that has the faces of: Strangelove, Snake, and Kazuhira Miller, respectively. Looking at soldiers' profiles contain many hidden jokes. One of the soldier says "I have a friend named Johnny, do you know him? Another says "If I have a girlfriend one day, I would like to go in a cardboard box with her. Yet another reference is to a song, a soldier says "Balls to the wall, boys". Me and my buddies are gonna pitch in an buy a big boat.

Soldier quotes in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Various characters from past Metal Gear games make cameo appearances as the randomly-assigned profile pictures of recruited personnel. If you finished it again with a rank of S you will "go on a date with Paz. I'm with ya. Follow me! Good to have you. Good luck. I just Nice one! I knew you had it in you!! Kept you waiting, huh? Don't die on me. I like it! Paz like it most You can do this. Turn walkman music on, say those lines, take some pics of Paz in various poses equipping and unequipping cameraand after that just use Love Box and wait next to her for the S Rank. Where are the Monster Hunts? Room is running out at Mother Base, what should I do?

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